“To mould our young generation with love and happiness equipped with Islamic values as their foundation in life.”
Ana Muslim Preschool first opened our door to welcome all of our precious students in January, 2017.

Since then, we have helped a lot of concerned parents to be worry-free as we took care of our students’ basic foundations to be a good, happy and successful muslim. Students are nurtured in a very homely, safe and fun environment that will help encourage their learning process to be relaxed hence, quicker.

We focus to cultivate them with good virtues and values,

so they will become a great individual with Islamic personhood by reflecting the splendid moral of our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w in their daily life. Our syllabus is programmed to be well-balanced and comprises of Islamic Studies, Language and Arts, Numeracy, Motor-skills, Science, Physical Education, Drama & Music as well as Taekwondo and Swimming.



“Where Happiness Rules”

We genuinely believe that happiness helps a child's brain develop.

By creating a positive and supportive environment for learning, we grow young minds, tender hearts and we let them be the best version of themselves.


The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: “For him who follows a path for seeking knowledge, Allah will ease for him the path to Jannah.”


Islamic Values

Nurture the children through Islamic values in their daily routine

Homely & Fun

Provide a homely atmosphere and high quality yet fun learning environment for children.

Peace of Mind

To give parents peace of mind when their children are in school while they have a worry-free day at work or at home.


Equip the children with stimulating and hands-on educational experience that will promote their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.